Carnival of Love

So we have dealt with the vivacious side of a carnival, so now let’s use this theme for weddings. Bring out the fairy lights, garlands and lanterns. Lighting is an integral part of every mood. Being the subtle touches of a flickering candle or small delicate lights that look like the nights sky, every single element can cause any event to become a romantic one.


Cake tables filled with sweet treats like candy apples; candy floss and the bridal cake.


Make sure to stick to the theme: add candy floss and pinwheels to bring an edge to your cake.


Keep the centrepieces as fun and creative as possible add pinwheels, popcorn, sweets even some ticket stubs to bring the theme to life.

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All things sweet!!!

Can you smell the fresh popped popcorn smothered with butter and topped off with salt. Get your hands sticky with a delicious toffee apple. Doesn’t this bring back memories of your childhood?

Well this is the carnival themed occasion where anything goes. Large popcorn inspired arches and fantastic welcome boards.


Do not forget to have a fabulous cake and sweets stand for your guests, every celebration needs a little candy.

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Get DIY savvy with the centrepieces add lollipops, balloons and popcorn. Make your own garlands with scrap paper and hang it everywhere the more the merrier.

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Your table decorations can be as colourful and as youthful as you want it. This is completely up to you, have fun and find that inner child again we all need a moment of being spontaneous.

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I have search far and wide, over the vast dry dessert to find these amazing and intricate designs for birthday, wedding and baby shower cakes.

Birthday cakes: Be as creative as possible, make sure you have horses, cowboy hats and lots of buckles on your cake design for this fun country themed party.900x900px-LL-f1ee2b02_gallery6743911335833718small-western-wedding-cakesimagesCA1DAV8B

Wedding Cakes: These are more romantic and ornate in structure, use nude colours as your colour palette for this cake. Incorporate country in the theme as well by adding lucky horse shoes.

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If you want to be more adventurous rather have a cheese stacked with fruit, this will be a great substitute as a cake.

cheese-wheel-wedding-cake town-country-england-wedding-13a

Baby Shower Cake: Baby nappies are so easy and simple to mould try these designs for a country themed shower.

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Having a country themed event is very simple to do; it brings in the rustic and earthy festivities all into one.

One thing you need to know is that you don’t really need ant table clothes for this table setting all you need is a colourful runner, a wooden table for people to sit at and haystacks to sit on this is your décor ensemble.

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Add either beautiful flowers in jars or tins to keep with the urban feel. If you want to be more creative you can add cowboy boots to the centre piece. Other fantastic ideas are candles to produce a romantic environment of have different size logs in the middle.

imagesCAG0MU7Q rustic_wedding_centerpieces_-_rustic_wedding_chic_country_wedding_table_decorations_

The cake table is the always the centre of attraction as it is the focal point where people can get sweet treats and amazing drinks to try out. Be bold and instead of setting up a usual stable with various delicacies, use haystack or barrels.

wedding-table-seating-Peak-District-country-Weddings-pinned-from-ruffled-blog thanksgivingroundup_frenchcountry food_decor__country_backyard_wedding_decorations_storyboard_wedding

Go out there and have a fun filled country occasion.

Camouflage of Green

With the New Year approaching rapidly we will be saying good bye to the old and hello to the new. With this in mind we can approach this nurturing colour to our new beginnings of 2014 to 2015 celebrations

Use the regal jade and emerald green hues that can make any occasion look like a picturesque masterpiece.


And then we have the soft and comforting tones of mint that can cause an event to seem so simple and casual, you can have an amazing picnic or braai party in this colour. It will light up any festivity in the gardens.


This colour is a symbol of hope and spring it will make a beautiful and playful addition to the latest baby shower colours. Be brave and stand out from the rest with this vibrant and youthful colour.


What is in the centre

With nature being the ultimate backdrop to this month’s colour which is green we can utilize this element by using natural resources. You can DIY your next events centrepiece by using fruit e.g. apples and limes.

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Other creative methods of centrepieces are glass bottles or green vases; this will make your occasion a very rustic appearance.

ornament centerpiecegreen-glass-bottles-wedding-centrepies-organic-shape-rustic-wedding-decorations-5

To give any atmosphere the feeling of romance add candle light to the surrounding, these are unique ways of producing light below:

Square-Rectangle-Wedding-Decor-Centrepiece-Vase-Buy-Wholesale-Online-Toronto-Niagara-Hamilton-GTA-Ontario-Canada-WeddingGirl_ca_ decorations-beauty-green-candle-holders-and-trees-for-new-years-eve-decoration-ideas-table-decoration-ideas-for-christmas candle_ideas4

Last but not least because this colour is a very organic and earthy looking colour add flowers, branches and trees to your arrangements.

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Night Of the Stars

With the sunset on the horizon and the crushing waves on the mesmerizing beach this was the setting for a beautiful summers evening of 2nd December. Immaculatas Matric Ball took place at Lagoon Beach Hotel

The theme was Hollywood inspired with the golden Oscar and the red carpet lining the entrance of the venue, this matric ball was sure to be a great one. Milnerton-20141202-00113

The tables were setup with gold, white and red to bring the place a light with the hype that a Hollywood scene needs.


Thanks to Lagoon Beach for the amazing food and spectacular venue